SA Trip – July 6, 2014

July 6, Sun: Called my sister Barbara to wish her Happy Birthday. Continued to read. After being so lethargic the last two days, we needed to get out. It was cold and fresh; the air and atmosphere were very clean. Great day for photos. On our morning walk with Rassie around the neighborhood, it was a perfect day to take a picture of the harbor from our perspective on Bunker Hill.


Harbor view from Bunkers Hill

Harbor view from Bunkers Hill

A flit of color in the Flame Tree overhead turned out to be a small flock of Woodhoopoe.IMG_2836

IMG_2854   IMG_2849

We decided to head to the beach in the afternoon around 2:30p when the tide was a hour from its lowest point. It was very crisp and the ocean a deep blue, but I hadn’t taken my camera.  Michael took us a different route today, stopping at the Blue Lagoon Hotel’s parking lot and walking through the bush down to the beach.  When we finished our walk, we stopped at the hotel’s restaurant lounge for a glass of wine, met and had a great conversation with a young Afrikaans couple with a 3 month old baby. (we’re magnets these days).  According to this young man, Afrikaans value God, family and work.  We expect to get a call from Eugene in the future to visit us in San Diego.


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  1. pluciaphoto says:

    Beautiful Woodhoopoe!


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