SA Trip – July 7-9, 2014

I know I’m a wuss, but this cold snap and wind have dampened my desire to explore. Thankfully, I have had my Ludlum book to read and have now finally finished it.  So glad to be finished. What a ride.  Now I can get back to being in SA instead of Washington, Istanbul and the Middle East.

Walking on the beach becomes very difficult against a 25mph wind, but makes for a good workout with sustained max heart rate for at least 20 minutes. Bending down to collect shells is a good excuse the take a rest.

Tuesday we took Franzi for lunch at Sanook, one of our favorite ‘eat out’ spots, which did not disappoint.  The flavors of such a variety of dishes are absolutely delicious. Gourmet Burgers (including vegetarian: “Grilled black mushrooms topped with goats cheese, egg plant, baby marrow(zucchini) and rocket topped with homemade tomato sauce, served with chips or house salad”) $4.50! The tab for 3 of us for lunch including beer was $22!

There are at least 2 more out of the 59 restaurants/cafes in this area we want to visit: Garzia (with great views of the harbor and continental cuisine), and Mirasol (Portugese Mozambique food). Michael has been to the later with Bernd and liked it.

When we don’t get to the beach either because of temperature, wind or tide, we walk in a nearby park-like area.  Clear crisp skies make for good photographs of the occasional new bird.IMG_2974Common Shrike

IMG_2938Village WeaverIMG_2892Scarlet-chested Sunbird, like those below

IMG_2889 IMG_2865Scarlet-chested Sunbird (male)

We had an invitation for Wed nite from Jimmy and Theona Cooras for a concert at Legends Showcase, a local auditorium that holds about 60 people seated cabaret style at long tables. Jimmy, a fine jewelry designer, and his brother Temmy are both into the music scene here and support this venue, which doubles as a music school during the day. Love the wise use of resources.
The evening was the anniversary of the same guest artist coming to perform, Natasha Meister.  Wow, was she great, as were her backup musicians, a drummer and base guitarist, playing a six string electric base guitar. She sounds a lot like Nora Jones in her blues pieces with hints of BB King in her playing, both electric and acoustic guitar. If I knew someone at the Belly Up or the House of Blues downtown, she and her band would be perfect to play there.  Apparently, there is a good music scene here in EL, which we will continue to explore.

We found about an art festival in Grahamstown that ends this weekend, so tomorrow, with the temperatures head into the mid 70s, we’ll make the 2 hr trip to enjoy the event.

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