SA Trip – July 12-16, 2014

We’ve met some very nice and generous people here who have included us in their social plans.  We often walk on the beach or have lunch/dinner out with Franzi; Jimmy and Theona included us in their concert going plans; and Rod has invited us several times for dinner and to watch soccer. Sunday, the 13th was happily one of them.  Lamb from the braai (BBQ), oven baked potatoes and assorted veggies.  We brought a roasted beet and butternut squash salad with honey mustard marinade/dressing. The South African wines are solid value and delightful.  All but one of the wineries (which is east of Lesotho) are in the western cape area.  We wont be heading that way this trip, but we can sure drink the wine.  Great game, great company; my head hit the pillow at 1am.  Wasted the next day.

Somewhere in these last couple of days we timed our walk on the beach just at low time – a very low tide coinciding with the full moon.  It was very windy and the 2-3 surfers were enjoying themselves.IMG_3272IMG_3240 IMG_3258 IMG_3268

I’m most amazed that even though tide pools are formed, there is very little sea life – that I could see – there. Discovering beautiful shells makes me feel like a kid again. IMG_3266 On the walk through the bush to the beach, I finally located the bird that was singing such a beautiful song.  The Somber Bulbul thinks he’s hiding from me. Sombre BulbulSombre Bulbul (1)These stairs always amuse me.IMG_3218 (1)

The view from the hill overlooking the Blue Lagoon Hotel is quite lovely.IMG_3278

Sunday we took a stroll along the Esplanade to check out the wares being sold by vendors.  We talked to all of them and found that they were from Congo (2), Malawi, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, oh, and South Africa.  One had been here for 5 years, another for 11 years. I’m constantly in awe of the resilience of humans and the extent to which they will go to take care of themselves and their families. IMG_3292IMG_3291 A little further at the end of the Esplanade was the harbor where the cranes were still working to load containers on a ship.  I was surprised they were working on Sunday. IMG_3290

Since Sunday is pretty quiet with not too many people around, we drove a few blocks further into the predominantly black area of town as I had been wanting to take a picture of some of the amazing hair designs that I see everyday. This is a good representation of current images of beautiful!

IMG_3284IMG_3287 IMG_3286 IMG_3285

On the way home, the kids were having a wonderful time practicing field hockey with the sprinklers on.IMG_3282

And on garbage day, the monkeys were out to find a few vittles but scattered to the trees when we came by.IMG_1035 IMG_1037

If you want to find out the latest events coming to town, just watch the light pools.  It’s all there. We will be gong to this one.IMG_1027

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